Intelligent Design, Atmos, 2021

A look at the dark and light sides of Arcosanti, an experimental architecture community in the desert of Arizona. 

Gut Check, Atmos, 2020

How do the patterns of destruction in our gut microbiomes mirror patterns in our larger ecologies? Are we all part of a giant fractal?

Piece examining survivors guilt for those who have survived school shootings, mass shootings, and gang violence.

I followed Amanda for nine months. She was addicted to heroin and methamphetamine and pregnant, and she really wanted to keep her daughter. See my audio pieces for the multiple radio versions of this piece.

The high price of ketamine treatments is pushing some depressed people into the black market. What is it like to see a patient treat himself?

Why many people freeze instead of fighting back during sexual assaults.

Bilingual English/Español book interviewing women making street art in Central and South America. I was writer, graphic designer, and portrait photographer for the project.