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Reporter/editor. Alaska schools are preparing to meet the new state educational requirements of the READS Act this fall. The legislation aims to make sure that all Alaska students can read well—before they graduate third grade.

But implementing the law will cost schools a lot of money at a time when state funding for education remains flat. 

Reporter/editor. Laney and Wamen Yip have served Chinese and American food to the remote island community in Southeast Alaska for 30 years. But the Yips officially retired at the end of December. Sound-rich package. 
Reporter/editor. Kelsey Leak lost a lot. She lost her pet parrot, Petrie, of seven years. She lost her boyfriend, Arne Dahl, when his fishing boat grounded and sank near Prince of Wales Island and they tried to swim to safety. And she spent a harrowing 24 hours wet and cold, waiting for rescue.  
Reporter/editor. There were no injuries from a landslide near Petersburg on Halloween night, but it was a close call for some residents. Landslide researchers in Alaska are keeping tabs on this one and others in order to better predict slides in the future.
It Controls You,” KQED, 2018
Reporter. An 11 minute feature following a woman who was pregnant and addicted to heroin and methamphetamine. Broadcast statewide on "The California Report Magazine." 

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